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QGIS project configuration for OpenGIS

Summary for setting up a QGIS project #

Prepare your map as far as possible in QGIS, as you want it to appear in your OpenGIS webmap. Specific tasks you can carry out to improve your OpenGIS include:

  • Set highlight colours for “highlight on hover” in Project > Project Properties...
  • Give your layers human-friendly names in the Layers Panel (never use the same name for 2 different layers)
  • Give your layers columns human friendly names via Layer > Properties > Fields > Alias (try not to use quotes ‘ or quotations “)
  • Hide the columns you don’t want to appear in your popups by changing their Edit widget to “Hidden”
  • If any of your fields contain media (image or video) filenames, change their Edit widget to “Attachment” to have the media appear in popups
  • Style your layers, and set their scale-dependent visibility, if required

Run qgis2opengis from the Web menu, or via its icon.

The tabs at the top allow you to set up your project. All options are written to your QGIS project, so save your project if you want to keep these settings.

Excellent online guides #

For initial configurations, see the following pages:

An alternative guide that explains how it works in a broad and discursive manner is published here

SVG Marker #

qgis2opengis positions by default a circle with a white background with a black border under the SVG Marker, so as to make the map more readable.
The circle acquires the size of the marker so it will be enough to set the size of the marker.

There is no problem with icon overlap during the popup as the current icon will appear in front.
In this example you can see that the back icon is shown in front when queried by the popup.